Are parents/guardians allowed to volunteer at the school?
Absolutely, parents/guardians are asked to participate in field trips and special events and may volunteer in various other ways.

Are parents/guardians allowed to visit their child at the school?
Frankie Lemmon School maintains an “open door” policy for parents/guardians so that they may visit as needed.

What are the details of the transportation service?
For students with special needs receiving services through Wake County Public Schools, the county provides transportation to and from Frankie Lemmon School. Children are picked up at their homes and brought to school and a member of the Frankie Lemmon School staff will meet the transportation vehicle and escort children to their classrooms. Children are never "dropped off" without being received by one of our staff.

Parents may also choose to provide their own transportation. If you have questions or concerns, please contact WCPSS Transportation or the transportation provider.

What is the process for getting my child into Frankie Lemmon School?
For children ages 3-4 who are typically developing, enrollment is dependent on availability. Frankie Lemmon School maintains a wait list. For more information on our admissions process, please visit our Admissions page. Families who are interested in the NC Pre-K program apply through and are placed by Wake County Smart Start.

All children ages 3-4 with developmental delays are placed at Frankie Lemmon School by Wake County Public Schools Preschool Services. Children must be three years of age and reside in Wake County. The recommendation for placement is made by the child's IEP team which includes the parents. Placement is then approved by the Wake County Public School System.

What are the staff's qualifications?
Each classroom is staffed with one full-time Lead Teacher and one full-time Teaching Assistant. Frankie Lemmon School requires that educators have the following qualifications:

  • Lead Teachers - Must be licensed by the Department of Public Instruction with a Birth-Kindergarten License
  • Teaching Assistants - Must have an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education or a Child Care Credential

Does my child have to be toilet-trained before attending Frankie Lemmon School?
No, our staff works on toilet-training with children who are showing signs of readiness. We also work closely with the families to ensure that there is consistency in training at home and at school to avoid confusion for the child.