Assistive Technology

Frankie Lemmon School intensely focuses on the development of communication skills. Our portfolio of techniques and technologies used include:

Custom Programmed Voice-Output Devices Big Mack single switch device for short phrases; Compartmentalized Communicator for combination object/picture/voice relationships; TechTalk , TechSpeak, and Seven-Level Communicator devices using Boardmaker symbols provide increasing number of objects and choices as skills improve

Computerized Voice-Output Devices using a range of male, female, adult, and child voices; Proloquo2Go Application used with an iPad, customized for each child’s needs

Electronic Learning Devices: Each classroom and the speech therapist have an iPad; a Promethean “life-size” touch screen device (similar to but larger than a Smart Board) is used in the 5 year old class

Low-tech Learning Tools: Picture symbols are used extensively in each classroom and each child who needs one has a customized individual picture communication book created for his or her unique learning needs